December 2, 2023

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New Auto Staking & Auto Compounding DEX Protocol

Finance Protocol: New Auto Staking & Auto Compounding DEX Protocol With A Fixed Annual Rate Of 907,032.14%




Freedom Protocol, an aggregator of financial freedom and independence in the crypto industry, is a DeFi 3.0 auto-stacking and automatic interest accrual protocol that operates in the BNB chain and pays income to its reward holders in $FP and $BUSD.

The Finance Protocol team has already introduced its own $FP token, which has already been successfully audited by TechRate, a leading audit firm, and is preparing to launch $FP on the Binance Smart Chain network.

The $FP token is now at the Presale stage (we’ll talk more about that a bit later). After passing the Presale Finance Protocol will offer a daily interest rate of 2.53% and automatically increase the fixed amount to 907,032.14% p.a. for all holders. Simply hold $FP and watch your $1,000 become $9,070,321.40 in a year. Backed by our innovative LIM algorithm using automatic buyback & burn to support the price*

How will Finance Protocol provide 907,032.14 APY?

When the FP/BNB pair supply is 2.528 percent of the entire supply, Finance Protocol has implemented a comprehensive RIF framework into its auto staking system, which uses the commission generated on daily trading volume to maintain staking rewards.




If the daily total trading profit sent to the RIF is less than the holders’ daily ROI, money from the Treasury is added as an increase in liquidity to make up the difference.

The swap threshold will be able to fill the plus value obtained by Rebase Rewards if the daily total trading profit provided to the RIF is larger than the daily ROI of the holders.

Risk Insurance Fund (RIF)

RIF uses an algorithm that is supported by a portion of the trading fees: 5% of each purchase and 5% of each sale of tokens that are accumulated in the wallet.

Therefore, staking rewards, which are distributed every 1 minute at a rate of 0.0017338%, are backed by the RIF parameter, which ensures a high and stable interest rate for $FP token holders. 

RIF ensures holders’ safety from: 

– sudden market crash

– long-term stability and future growth of the Finance Protocol

– the minimum risk of price reduction

Finance Protocol Private Sale

Private Sale is a key event for investors before the launch of the $FP token and listing on PancakeSwap. Each investor is given the opportunity to invest from 1 BNB to 50 BNB at $0.35 per token. The $FP price on the listing will be $0.5. Each investor will also get a chance to win a Lamborgini Aventador sport, and the winner will be chosen randomly. Each of you can become the owner of this sports car, because Finance Protocol is freedom and complete financial independence!

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