November 29, 2023

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Finance Protocol – Auto Staking DEX Protocol Guaranteed Highest Fixed APY – 907,032%

The DEFI sector has been causing a huge stir among investors lately, as more and more opportunities for high returns with low risk are appearing. Just imagine how many millionaires the crypto-world and DEFI sector in particular has created in the last 3 years. This has never happened before in the world. On the boom, strong teams are creating new and very powerful financial projects that give huge interest rates. DEFI companies use tools to create high revenues through financial algorithms, token placement strategies, and so-called protocols, which consist of smart contracts.

Today we will talk about a new project in the DEFI sector, which reveals all the possibilities of autostaking for investors and guarantees the highest annual interest rates in the market.

Finance Protocol – The Highest Paying Auto Staking& Auto Compounding DEX Protocol

-Guaranteed Highest Fixed APY – 907,032.14%
-Staking & Compounding are handled automatically through your wallet
-Get Rewards automatically every 1 minute (3600 payouts per day) without delays
-Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming to support high rewards
-Finance Protocol NFT Collection: 4500 unique NFTs that reward holders with daily BNB airdrops from 2% of sales volume
-Audited by TechRate (one of the top three auditing companies in crypto)
-Finance Protocol Bank: Earn BUSD from 6% of trading volume
-Deflationary model: 1% of trading volume is burned

Here are a few of the key concepts that characterize the Finance Protocol project. The idea of financial freedom and independence is the main message of the project. Autostaking allows you to earn even at night, and to devote your time first and foremost to important things that are worth living for.

Let’s take a look at the features and main departments of Finance Protocol

Risk Insurance Fund (RIF).

RIF uses an algorithm that is supported by a portion of the trading fees: 5% of each purchase and 5% of each sale of tokens that are accumulated in the wallet.

Therefore, staking rewards, which are distributed every 1 minute at a rate of 0.0017338%, are backed by the RIF parameter, which ensures a high and stable interest rate for $FP token holders.

RIF ensures holders safety from:

– sudden market crash
– long-term stability and future growth of Finance Protocol
– minimum risk of price reduction



One of the most important departments in Finance Protocol is the treasury.

The treasury is designed for additional financial support of RIF. In case of a strong price fall of token $FP, it will receive additional financing from this department.

The treasury can be used for financing new products and projects that will be released on the basis of Finance Protocol.



2% of all $FP tokens sold are sent to a dead wallet (1% of the purchase and 1% of the sale of each $FP token). Large trading amount increases the number of tokens burned, thus reducing circulating supply and maintained stability of Finance Protocol.

This system has another important advantage. The fact that it is deflationary allows the $FP token to maintain a higher value.

NFT Collection.

Finance Protocol NFT is a collection of 4500 unique NFT consisting of more than one hundred art elements, created by the  artist from Finance Protocol team. The owners of NFT receive daily fees in tokens BNB in tune amount of 2% commission on $FP sales.

How Finance Protocol support’s 907,032.14 APY?

Finance Protocol has integrated a robust RIF framework into its auto staking system that uses the commission earned on daily trading volume to maintain staking rewards when the FP/BNB pair supply is 2.528% of the total supply.

If the daily total trading profit that is sent to the RIF is lower than the daily ROI of the holders, then some of the money from the treasury is added as an increase in liquidity to cover the difference.

In the event that the daily total trading profit that is sent to the RIF is greater than the daily ROI of the holders, then the swap threshold will be able to fill the plus value received by Rebase Rewards.

Private Sale is live!

Finance Protocol is now at the Private Sale stage and anyone can become an investor. Finance Protocol issues its own token $FP (Binance Smart Chain network) and provides the opportunity to invest from 1 BNB to 50 BNB at a price of $0.35 per token. The price of $FP on the listing will be $0.5. Each investor will also get a chance to win a Lamborgini Aventador sports car at random. Each of you can become the owner of this sports car, because Finance Protocol is all about freedom and complete financial independence!

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